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The Cardano Foundation is responsible for drivign adoption of Cardano. In their words: "We are an independent Swiss-based non-profit that oversees and supervises the advancement of Cardano. We are the legal custodians of the Cardano brand and we work with IOHK and EMURGO to ensure that Cardano is being developed and promoted as a secure, transparent, and accountable solution for positive global change. The Cardano Foundation sets the direction for decentralized economic empowerment, working with regulators in different jurisdictions to shape blockchain legislation and commercial standards, and empowering the Cardano community to leverage the Cardano protocol to solve real-life problems."
Founded in 2015 by Charles Hoskinson and Jeremy Wood, IOG (formerly IOHK) is one of the world's pre-eminent blockchain infrastructure research and engineering companies. We are a fully decentralised remote working organisation committed to the highest principles of academic rigour and evidence-based software development. The company builds high-assurance blockchain infrastructure solutions for public, private sector and government clients. It is also the driving force behind the decentralised and smart contract platform, Cardano.
EMURGO is a global blockchain technology company providing solutions for developers, startups, enterprises, and governments. EMURGO develops enterprise-grade applications, builds developer tools, invests in startups, and provides blockchain education. Emurgo is the official commercial partner for the Cardano ecosystem.

The Plutus Platform is the smart contract platform for Cardano. Plutus contracts consist of parts that run on the blockchain (on-chain code) and parts that run on a user's machine (off-chain or client code). Plutus draws from modern language research to provide a safe, full-stack programming environment based on Haskell, the leading functional programming language.
Marlowe is special-purpose language for financial contracts on Cardano, allowing contracts to be written in the language of finance, rather than using a general-purpose language on the blockchain.
Haskell is the basis for Plutus, Cardano's smart contract programming language, and it also powers Marlowe, Cardano's domain-specific language for financial smart contracts. Haskell, particularly in conjunction with formal methods, is well-suited to write code that is robust and correct.
As Cardano thrives and evolves, the network is expanding its reach and interoperability by creating novel avenues of cooperation. We are now opening Cardano up to the Solidity/Ethereum community via a compatible and interoperable platform using their native code.

Such a framework will create a permanent bridge that will enable developers to work seamlessly across both ecosystems, now and into the future. To this end, we are restarting and accelerating the K Ethereum Virtual Machine (KEVM) program, a ‘correct-by-construction' version of the Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) specified in the K framework.
The ERC20 converter will allow Ethereum tokens like AGI to be easily migrated and run on the Cardano's proof-of-stake blockchain.ERC20 Converter
Metadata tells the story of a transaction and there are many ways to interact with this story. Developers can take advantage of metadata by embedding details directly into a transaction, and ada users can search for specific information in the Cardano Explorer. The data can be added directly, or, for larger amounts, it is possible to create a Merkle tree of the data and put the root hash of the Merkle tree on the blockchain. Once this is done, it can be proved that the data existed at a specific point of time and that it remains permanently on the chain for future reference.Metadata

Atala PRISM is a decentralized identity solution built on the Cardano blockchain that enables people to own their personal data and interact with organizations seamlessly, privately, and securely. In April 2021, IOHK announced a partnership with the Ethiopian government to roll out Atala PRISM to 5 million students in Ethiopia to create tamper-proof records of education, helping verify credentials and grades for employment verification purposes.
Counterfeiting affects the global economy to the tune of over $1 trillion. Atala SCAN is IOHK's authentication solution, created with the specific purpose of checking the veracity of goods in the supply chain. Atala SCAN targets authentication in the luxury goods, collectibles, and pharmaceutical industries.
Atala Trace is a supply-chain traceability solution built on top of the Cardano Blockchain. Atala TRACE empowers product owners to improve the visibility of their supply chain, bringing transparency to the end customer — rewarding primary producers who are committed to quality. Atala Trace is currently used by BeefChain to help verify beef & sheep provenance.

SingularityNET lets anyone create, share, and monetize AI services at scale. The world's first decentralized AI network has arrived. SingularityNET has been working with IOG (IOHK) to bring their products to Cardano.
Vacuumlabs is a software development company that builds modern full stack fintech solutions for startups, scale-ups and incumbent banks. They have built sevral projects on Cardano, such as AdaLite.
PricewaterhouseCoopers is a multinational professional services network of firms, operating as partnerships under the PwC brand. PwC ranks as the second-largest professional services network in the world and is considered one of the Big Four accounting firms, along with Deloitte, EY and KPMG. PWC and Cardano have collaborated since early 2020, with PWC helping IOHK and the Cardano Foundation on their commercial strategy.
QuviQ is the leading supplier of services and tools in the area of property-based testing. QuviQ is a Swedish company delivering innovative testing solutions world-wide. IOHK has collaborated with QuviQ to provide functional correctness training for Cardano developers.
Runtime Verification Inc applies formal methods to improve the safety, reliability, and correctness of computing systems. They work with many different cryptocurrency projects including Cardano, Ethereum, Algorand, Cosmos, and many more.
AtixLabs is a blockchain company that develops reliable, decentralized solutions. They have collaborated with IOHK and the Cardano on a variety of projects, including working with New Balance to help reduce counterfeiting in the clothing industry and supporting core projects such as Catalyst and Atala Prism.
Pronounced “Moon” (or “Myun”), MuKn stands for MUtual KNowledge, and it sums up Mukn's core values: open-source technologies, synergies, and interdisciplinary knowledge. MuKn are the developers behind Glow, a DSL that will allow anyone to write verifiable DApps from a single spec and deploy it on Cardano's EVM network.
Konfidio builds, consults, invests in, and accelerates blockchain solutions. The company has been working strategically with Cardano to drive blockchain business model platform adoption.
Celsius offers yield and payment solution for a variety of products, including ADA. Celsius and the Cardano core organizations are working strategically together. While specific plans aren't yet known, more integrations between Celsius and Cardano may happen in the future.
Obsidian is a development firm that builds infrastructure, tools, and full DApp solutions on a variety of blockchains, and has worked on several projects related to Cardano, including a transpiler to link MuKn's Glow smart contract language to the Cardano blockchain.
One of Africa's leading technology incubators is iceaddis. Together with Input Output, they're supporting local entrepreneurs. To build out a community-led approach to train and onboard developers to Cardano. Initially across five countries but, ultimately, 25 across the continent.
MetaLamp is a development firm who is part of the Plutus Partner Program for Alonzo.
Eleks is a development firm who is part of the Plutus Partner Program for Alonzo.
altLabs is a development firm who is part of the Plutus Partner Program for Alonzo.
Five Binaries is an infrastructure development company active in the Cardano and Ergo ecosystems. They are the team behind Blockfrost, a development project aimed at creating a fully-functional API and IPFS service for Cardano. Five Binaries is making a proposal in Catalyst Fund4 to build a server-side component to facilitate cost-effective faucets and airdrops to help newly-minted native tokens gain traction.

Ergo builds advanced cryptographic features on rock-solid foundations laid by a decade of blockchain development.
Charli3 provides data pulled from APIs, hashed on-chain and made available to protocols as data streams.
Wolfram Alpha, a computational knowledge engine providing tech for services such as Siri, is integrating data from Cardano.

COTI is an enterprise-grade fintech platform that build payment gateways with support for ADA.
Ada Pay provides a simple solution to accept direct ADA payments.
Sirin Labs built the SIRIN OS, a mobile blockchain-friendly OS, which supports the Cardano blockchain.
Metaps Plus and Emurgo collaborated on the first ADA Crypto Card in South Korea.
Sempo is a simple, transparent, and instant digital cash transfer solution based on blockchain. It is a 2019 dLab/EMURGO startup.

Celsius offers yield and payment solution for a variety of products, including ADA.
Indigo is an algorithmic, autonomous synthetics protocol for on-chain price exposure to real-world assets, built on Cardano.
Liqwid is an open source, algorithmic and non-custodial interest rate protocol built for lenders, borrowers and developers.
Ensuro is a decentralized underwriter to support insurance products. It will democratize the possibilities and the benefits of being an insurer for everyone while allowing innovative companies to nurture and deploy novel, life-changing insurance products.
SundaeSwap is a native, scalable decentralized exchange on the Cardano Blockchain.
Gentwo's mission in their words: "We securitize all bankable and non-bankable assets across an unrestricted public, private, and digital market investment universe. We service our clients by building issuance platforms connecting capital with innovative investments, thereby creating tomorrow's marketplace."
With over a decade of experience in facilitating optimal trading opportunities, Algoz provides individuals, institutions and crypto projects with bespoke trading solutions and liquidity services for all crypto assets.
Minswap is a multi-pool decentralized exchange on Cardano, where you can "swap tokens with minimal cost, minimal time and maximal convenience", according to them. In plans to launch in Q3 2021 when Smart Contracts become available on Cardano.
Cardax is a decentralized exchange (DEX) on Cardano. In their words: "Cardax DEX allows liquidity providers and traders to participate in a financial marketplace that is open and accessible to all. Anyone can become a liquidity provider and start earning CDX tokens." Cardax DEX will allow users to trade any Cardano native token.
YaySwap is building a High-Performance Decentralized Exchange platform on the Cardano Blockchain.
ADAX is an automated liquidity protocol that facilitates trades within the Cardano ecosystem in a completely decentralized and non-custodial way. ADAX has no order book -- we eliminate all intermediaries, complexity, and cumbersome procedures from the equation, offering users untrammeled freedom to trade without censorship or loss of control over their assets. Users can maintain full control of their tokens and are not required to give up their private keys so that their orders can be logged as they are on a centralized exchange.

Project Catalyst is the official community innovation and funding program backed by IOG and the Cardano Foundation. Each round is funded by IOG and organized on top of Ideascale where people can submit ideas and, later, vote using their Ada as "power" and receive rewards for participation.
CardStarter is a decentralized accelerator and swapping platform, connecting early stage Cardano innovators with our community of donors.
Occam.Fi is behind OccamRazer, which dubs itself the first complete launchpad solution for the Cardano ecosystem. Accommodating a vast range of fundraising profiles, OccamRazer will be the key that unlocks the Cardano ecosystems' liquidity. is an IDO Launchpad for high-growth potential projects powered by Cardano.
Wave Financial, a private invetment company, partnered with IOG in 2020 to develop a $20M Cardano fund.
EMURGO has made a strategic investment in Y2X, a digital merchant bank for a decentralized economy, in 2019.

AgeUSD is a new algorithmic stablecoin protocol developed on the Ergo Blockchain in a joint partnership between the Ergo Foundation, Emurgo, and IOG. AgeUSD will also be available on Cardano as soon as the smart contract functionality has been unlocked.AgeUSD

Dandelion is a community-supported project that provides Cardano APIs for free for every layer of blockchain data (explorer, submit, graphql, ogmios, postgREST, and more). is an API for Cardano, which provides access to various types of data on the Cardano blockchain. Blockfrost has free as well as paid tiers.
Fluree is an open source semantic graph database that guarantees data integrity, facilitates secure data sharing, and powers connected data insights. Fluree is open source and there is a project that integrates FlureeDB with the Cardano blockchain.
Honeycomb provides external data for Smart Contracts, helping you connect your smart contracts to APIs from some of the world's premier data providers.

ADAZOO's goal is to be one of the first NFT based games running on the Cardano blockchain. The game revolves around three fundamental aspects, making the game ‘unique' in these early days of the CNFT space: Collectibles, Gamification, and Virtual Land.
Playermint is a Cardano blockchain toolkit to create, earn, own, and exchange metaverse assets. Empowering gamers to get paid to play.
CardanoTales is the first ever released Cardano-based blockchain-hybrid RPG (Role Playing Game).
Bondly is a leading NFT platform which announced in April 2021 that it will work with to use its proven NFT technology to bring high-utility NFT capabilities to the Cardano ecosystem.
The Cardano Kidz NFTs celebrate the heroes of Cardano. They do not have any real utilities yet, but still, all are sold out, mainly because they are the first. The sales are currently in Pre-Order. The buyer needs to send Ada and mention the transaction ID and address. The NFTs will later be delivered to the same address. The project is waiting for the Cardano Token standard to launch before minting starts. In the future people will be able to sell or exchange the NFTs in a marketplace. is a Digital Token Platform for NFTs on the Cardano Blockchain
Somint is an art marketplace for all that uses crypto-tech to let people take control of their talent. We keep things simple and accessible for artists and collectors at all stages in their art journey. We want to make minting artwork as simple as posting a tweet.
NFT-DAO is building an open-source suite of NFT standards, tools, and DApps on Cardano.
Professor Cardano's project is working with the soon-to-be-launched NFT marketplace, It is based on the Periodic Table of Elements. The First Batch was Oganesson where 118 tokens were minted. Each token was sold for 150 Ada.
Cardano NFT Analytics with a great list of many of the NFT projects available on Cardano.
The Hoskinsons is an original NFT collection commemorating the founders, developers, and personalities of the Cardano platform. The series includes 15 unique characters with over 100 randomly-assigned special items as well as rare double and triple item combinations.
Artano is an upcoming NFT marketplace for Cardano which is focusing on providing a "free marketplace" for digital artists on the Cardano blockchain.
SpaceBudz is an NFT platform on the Cardano blockchain. 10,000 SpaceBudz are in existence and each astronaut is unique and only owned by you. Animals, robots and other mysterious creatures with different features and properties await you!

Binance is one of the largest exchanges in the world, with headquarters out of Hong Kong.
Coinbase is a leading exchange based in the US.
Huobi is one of the largest exchanges in the world.
Kraken is a giant mythical sea monster cryptocurrency exchange based out of the US.
Bittrex is a cryptocurrency exchange. started as a Crypto app and is now a fast growing cryptocurrency exchange.
eToro is a social media trading platform which supports stocks as well as crypto CFDs (including one for Ada).

And many more...

Cardano Explorer is the official blockchain explorer built by the Cardano foundation.
Adafolio is a project that aims to enable multi-delegation portfolios for Cardano users, providing an easy way to further the decentralization of Cardano by spreading out your delegation to multiple stake pools.
ADATools is a multi Cardano toolkit that brings most of the common features that the Cardano community uses into one location.
AdaStat is a Cardano Blockchain Explorer with statistics for pool operators and ada holders. is one of the more well-known pool explorers for the Cardano Blockchain, with tons of cool features to help both SPOs and Cardano holders.
Adatainment provides both entertaining and informative content about the Cardano ecosystem. is a fantastic pool and blockchain explorer for Cardano. is a Cardano blockchain explorer.
CardanoWall allows you to send a message to the Cardano blockchain in the easiest way possible, without delving into technical details. Your message will stay there forever and nobody can ever delete or change it. This enables what they call "Proof of Existence".
In Gimbalab's words: "Our mission is to mobilize everyone in the Cardano community by creating tools and real-world use cases that ignite the public imagination and facilitate adoption. We envision a world where as many people as possible are empowered to solve problems using the Cardano protocol."
Cardano Assets is a site built by which lists all tokens available on the Cardano blockchain.Cardano Assets

Daedalus is a full node wallet. This means that unlike light wallets (e.g.Yoroi, Adalite etc.) Daedalus downloads a full copy of the Cardano blockchain and independently validates every transaction in its history. That way you get maximum security and completely trustless operation, without centrally hosted 3rd party servers.
Yoroi is a light wallet for Cardano. It's simple, fast and secure. Yoroi is an Emurgo product, engineered by IOHK. And it follows best practices for software in the industry including a comprehensive security audit. Daedalus and Yoroi are complements to what they try to achieve. Yoroi looks to be a day to day wallet for a Cardano user.
Adalite is a wallet and an open-source client-side interface for direct interaction with the Cardano blockchain, built by Vacuumlabs.
Trezor builds some of the best hardware wallets in the cryptocurrency industry today. Trezor supports many different wallets, including Daedalus and Yoroi.
Ledger builds some of the best hardware wallets in the cryptocurrency industry today. Ledger supports many different wallets, including Daedalus and Yoroi.
Atomic Wallet is a multi-currency 3rd party wallet that supports many different assets, including Ada.
Infinito Wallet is a multi-currency 3rd party wallet that supports many different assets, including Ada.
Exodus is a multi-currency 3rd party wallet that supports many different assets, including Ada. Exodus has a fantastic UI and UX and also enables staking for Ada, albeit in a limited fashion (Exodus has a stake pool partner and only enables you to delegate to that pool).

During the Cardano Africa event in April 2021, IOHK and the Cardano Foundation announced they were working with the Government of Ethiopia to provide an identity solution (Atala PRISM) to help track student grades and performance for 5M students, helping reduce job fraud and serving as a Proof of Concept for further uses of blockchain in the identity space.
The East African country of Tanzania will partner with Cardano's parent company IOG to facilitate mobile internet connectivity, digital identity, and financial empowerment to rural communities in the country.
In mid 2019, IOHK signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) partnerships with the government and two of Georgia's largest universities. The MoUs with the Ministry of Education, the Free University of Tbilisi, and the Business and Technology University of Tbilisi mark a commitment by the Georgian administration to work with IOHK and use Cardano to fuel innovation in the country.
In mid 2019, IOHK signed MoUs with the government of Mongolia to pilot IOHK'S Atala enterprise blockchain to put sensors in place and gather measurements about air quality in a way that's fraud-free and time-stamped. Putting thousands of sensors in place is expensive but people could be encouraged to do so, and keep them working, by being paid using Cardano as the aggregated data comes through.
In 2020, IOHK opened a Cardano Research Lab at the University of Wyoming following a $500k donation.

Quantstamp's mission is to secure the decentralized internet, and has protected over $100B in digital asset risk from hackers. More than 200 startups, foundations and enterprises work with Quantstamp to keep their innovative products safe. In 2020 Quantstamp conducted a security audit of Cardano (see reference below).
NAGRA Kudelski Group has conducted audits of IOHK's wallet products.
Root9B (R9B) conducted a security audit of the Cardano code in mid 2020, reaching positive results. In January 2021, Deloitte announced they were acquiring R9B.
In January 2018, Cardano enlisted FP Complete for independent 3rd Party Audit of Cardano Blockchain.

The University of Wyoming Advanced Blockchain Lab is an R&D lab focused on Formal Verification, Smart Contracts, and Secure Hardware related to Realworld Blockchain Applications that is funded by IOHK with 1:1 matching funds from the Wyoming Legislature and additional matching funds from the University of Wyoming.
The University of Edinburgh is an IOHK key research partner. In 2020 IOHK partnered with the University of Edinburgh to establish a Blockchain Technology Lab.
University of Oxford. Several lectures have been given on Blockchain and Proof of Stake by IOHK.
Tokyo Institute of Technology is an IOHK key research partner.
University of Illinois is an IOHK research partner. Among others, Grigore Rosu, a professor of Computer Science at the University of Illinois, has worked with IOHK since 2017 and developed the K framework along with Runtime Verification over 15 years.
University of Kent. Simon Thompson is a Team Lead for Marlowe at IOHK, computer science researcher at University of Kent, UK, and ELTE, Budapest.
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens is an IOHK key research partner.
Eotvos Lorand University. Simon Thompson is a Team Lead for Marlowe at IOHK, computer science researcher at University of Kent, UK, and ELTE, Budapest.
Uconn. Several lectures have been given about Blockchain and PoS by members of IOHK.
University of Cambridge. IOHK has collaborated with several researchers at Cambridge to work on core components of Cardano such as Ouroboros.

SoMee is a decentralized social media platform build on Cardano that allows end users to monetize all content and allows brands to gain valuable data points through a consent based advertising system without exploiting user data.

Bacon Stake is a stake pool for the Cardano Blockchain. Bacon stake provides to provide reliable and secure stake pool services while always remaining delicious!